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Session One

Part One: Get the Interview Advantage!

Face to face, one on one
90 minute session

Includes one additional module of your choice:

  •   Resume Overview
  •   Networking Know-How


Part Two: What next?

  •   Telephone, email, video conferencing
  •   90 days post-training

By completing Part One you will be able to:

  •   Be more relaxed and poised during the interview process
  •   Be aware of how positivity wins and how to project it
  •   Know how to dress to impress for the interview
  •   Use body language to your advantage: communicate interest, engagement & confidence
  •   Build rapport with your Interviewer(s): create a connection and be remembered!
  •   Demonstrate what Interviewers want
  •   Answer questions effectively, professionally and most reflective of your best self
  •   Articulate your strengths confidently – why you are the right candidate!
  •   Ask the Interviewer intelligent questions
  •   Know how and when to wrap up the interview
  •   Send an effective, thoughtful thank you note
  •   Follow up effectively post interview

Consultant available for:

  •   Additional questions
  •   Feedback on interview experiences
  •   Further tailored interview tips, advice & recommendations
  •   How to handle multiple job offers
  •   Accepting the offer at the right price!

Session Two

Compensation increase negotiation

Face to face, one on one
60 minute session

Session Two covers:

  •   What is your position worth?
  •   Prepare your case – why you’re worth it!
  •   How to set the meeting
  •   How to conduct yourself during the process
  •   How to negotiate additional benefits
  •   Handling the outcome