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Susie Moore

Susie Moore is an upbeat, engaging and intuitive Interview Trainer who has helped hundred of candidates successfully secure the position they want across a range of levels, industries and international markets. A former Recruitment Specialist, Susie knows exactly what the Interviewer is looking for and how to work with individuals to help them understand common interview mistakes and learn the secrets to selling themselves.

Certified in Recruitment and Selection, Susie specialises in building confidence, helping people understand their true value and makes the process fun! From resume creation to handling multiple job offers – Susie is there to guide, motivate and support you. She lives with her husband and dog Coco in New York City.

About CareerLauncher

Certified in Human Resources and Recruitment, we are passionate about one to one, personalized training that allows you to find your uniqueness in today’s job market. We focus on empowering you to speak confidently about your skills, assets and value as an employee.

Whether you are a graduate entering the workforce, re-entering the work place after a break or even brushing up on interview skills as you seek new opportunities, you will be happy that you made the investment into your professional future.



Job hunting is always testing on your nerves, but CareerLauncher were great at guiding me through the often grueling interview process. Great at boosting your confidence and always encouraging. A must if you are looking to get the right job for you.

Kyle - Jean Georges Restaurant, New York

CareerLauncher has helped me articulate who I am and who I want to be in my career. The attention to detail and the emphasis on the individual truly sets them apart!

Kim – Facebook, London

CareerLauncher is the inspiration you need to get your career on track. Whether it’s finding your first job, transitioning, or starting a new career, CareerLauncher gives you the tools – and confidence – you need to achieve your dreams… and to succeed.

Amanda – Discovery, Washington DC

Finishing university is a an exciting and challenging time. With CareerLauncher’s help I have been able to confidently prepare myself for what lies ahead.

Drew – Student, Sydney